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Holiday Entertaining with Habitual Hostess

'Tis the season for holiday entertaining! Check out this season's top tips from our expert friends, Alston and Leigh of Habitual Hostess.

Deck the Halls

"I love wreaths in all the windows! It’s really fun to have festive Christmas plates, glasses and mugs that you can use every day. It makes all the meals feel special! My china is blue and I love pairing it with red tartan napkins that have pops of blue in them. We always set the table with a tree folded napkin for Christmas dinner." - Alston

Festive Cocktails

Serve a festive cocktail that you can batch out to make hosting easy. We love our Pomegranate Cosmo or Hot Toddy! To make the Cosmo in advance, just multiply each ingredient by the number of cocktails you want to make, and add an ounce of water for each cocktail. Then chill really well and pull out just before guests arrive. For the Toddies, have them simmering on the stovetop while you trim the tree and decorate for the holidays.

Fill Your Home with Seasonal Scents

Create a cozy atmosphere with a Christmas Simmer Pot and a festive appetizer!